Thursday, May 28, 2009

My mom the urban alchemist

Urban Alchemy: Creating Something entirely new from pieces that were previously unnoticed and unrelated.
I am loving this definition. When I read it, it made me think of my mom. She is definetly an urban alchemist (yes, i did just make that up). When I was in the process of moving from tulsa to bartlesville, I had seriously underestimated the time that it was going to take to pack up my place. So, my mom came to the rescue. Kyle, had just moved to Oklahoma from California, so he was still getting to know my family and ALL of our eccentricies. So long story short my mom, came in so excited about this gift that she had gotten me. So we went outside to check out this "gift"... and all we could see was this 20 ft tree branch. Kyle was a little confused at this point; but I could see my mom's creative thought come to life. She went onto explain how she was on her way to pick up my little brother from school and she saw this branch in the back of a truck and followed them to ask if she could have it. I'm sure this guy thought, "who is the lady and why does she want this branch"... but to much avail she became the proud owner of the oh so lovely branch. This was not just a discarded member of a tree, this was decor at it's finest. So today this "piece" is part of my collection of art that I enjoy viewing daily.

Here's to the Urban Alchemist in all of us.

~ Liz