Saturday, November 8, 2008

God's Mind

A few weeks ago I was in our weekly staff meeting and our Pastor asked us all a question, "How a can we stay relevant as a church while still creating an atmosphere where God is honored?"

The room went quiet as everyone began to think and reflect. As I did, a thought popped into my mind "People are on God's mind, God is not on His mind". This thought has seemed to linger with me and caused me to rethink a few things in my life over the last few weeks. Not that it is a new thought.. but I guess for me it helped me get it. Really get, how much God really loves people, loves the world and is consumed with that love. He wants people to experience how good he is without all the religious do's and don'ts that so easily can overtake if not careful. Does God want to be honored? Yes!! Then what really honors God? Ordinary people being involved with the extraordinary privilege of reflecting the love of God in such a real way that others are changed. It makes me wonder... Do I live a life like that.


Anonymous said...

I'm happy that you've picked blogging back up. You should keep doing it!

christa Baca said...

I love it- such beautiful words and yes, you do live a life that reflects Gods love. I am inspired by the way you live life for sure.

Anonymous said...

Great thoughts.

I recently heard someone pray "Lord, keep us free from religion". That statement of prayer really stuck with me.

I think it is so true - God's mission is all about pursuing people, we should to.

You have a great way of reminding us in a real way.